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Tuition and Financial Aid


This information applies to the 2020-2021 academic year.

See Tuition and Financial Aid for 2019-2020 for information about the 2019-2020 academic year.

This information applies to new families. New families must complete the Admissions Process before Registration.

Please contact   admissions@liveoakacademy.org or call   408-355-4787.

Unless specifically noted, all fees are non-refundable and not prorated.

Application fees:

Application periodDateFee
RegularBefore May 1$225 per student
LateOn or after May 1 $325 per student

Assessment fees:

DateAssessment FeeNotes
By June 15$95 per studentPlacement is considered in Academy section planning and staffing.
June 16 - July 15$145 per student

Late Admit Assessment Fee

Placement is subject to space availability.
If space is not available, student might be placed on a wait-list.
July 16 - Aug. 14$195 per student
Aug. 15 - Sept. 15$245 per student
After Sept. 15$295 per student

If your student does not test into the desired grade level and you wish to reassess later, an additional fee will apply.

If the Academy is unable to determine placement for your student on the day of testing, no additional fee will be charged for re-assessment for that subject.


Registration PeriodFee Tuition Deposit
Regular registration: Feb. 24 - April 9$250 per student $295 per student
Late registration: April 20 - Aug. 1$350 per student$295 per student

2020-2021 Tuition:

School (grade level)Full-time Students
(5 or more standard courses)
Part-time Students
(price per course)
Kindergarten is offered only as a full program. Part-time enrollment in First or Second grades requires a consultation with the Department Head.
Kindergarten (half-day)$4,580N/A
School of Grammar
(Grades 1-6)
School of Logic
(Grades 7-8)
School of Rhetoric
(Grades 9-12)

If a students drops from full time to part time (from 5 or more classes to 4 or less), the price for 4 part time classes is more than the price for full time. Tuition adjustments will be made on the 1st of the month after the Class Change has been approved.

Enrichment courses:

Enrichment courses are offered only to LOA students (both full and part time) who have been admitted and registered.

LOA Students enrolled only in enrichment classes must go through the normal registration process, including the Registration/Enrollment Fee of $75 per student.

Enrichment courses are not included in the count towards the Full Time program.

Course (two semesters)Tuition
Choir (Elementary or Classic) or PE are free to LOA students who take two standard classes. Both Choir (Elementary or Classic) and PE are free to LOA students who take three or more standard classes
Choir (Elementary or Classic)*$495
Advanced Singers$685
Jazz Band$685
Public Speaking 1 or 2 (Year-long)$685
SAT Prep Course (5 weeks)$325

Elective Courses:

Elective courses are offered to part-time LOA students at the following rates. Each course counts as one course for determining a multiple-course, part-time discount.

Fine Arts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8$930
Christian Studies 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10$930


Unless specifically noted, all fees are non-refundable and not prorated.

AP$175Fee applies to all AP classes and only AP classes.
Materials$115Single per-student fee applies to all students.

Exceptions: If a student takes only one class and that class already has an AP or Lab Fee (or both) associated with it, the $115 Materials fee is waived.
School of Rhetoric Lab$150Applies to all Rhetoric science courses, regardless of AP and Materials fees.
Study HallTBDThe Study Hall fee will be confirmed at a later date for the 2020-2021 Academic Year.
Smart TuitionVariableCharged by & paid directly to Smart Tuition when needed for administrative support and to follow-up on late payments, provide reminders, etc.

Smart Display Fee (upon submission of Registration contract) $50 per family per year.
PSP (Private School Satellite Program)$100 per student annual fee plus set up feeParticipating in LOA’s PSP is optional.

PSP set-up fee:
- $35 before Oct. 15
- $50 from Oct 16-Dec 31
- $70 on Jan 1st and after

$30 Late PSP attendance fee is charged per late submission.
Class Change$25 per changeApplies to each add, withdrawal, or change of status to a student schedule, including a change of status to “audit”.
Payment Plan Change$20Applies after June 1
Family Service programVariableFamilies are required to participate in the Family Service program. See handbook for details.

A buy-out option of $500 is available for families who buy out all of their hours by Aug. 31, 2020. After Aug. 31, 2020, the buy out cost is $20/hour or $600 for the year.
- LOA Standard Official PSP Transcript: No Charge (No changes or additions)
- LOA Standard Non-Official Record of Grades: No Charge (No changes or additions)

Custom transcripts (PSP members only):
- Initial consultation: $50
- Transcript: $50 (includes the creation of a first draft)
- Future transcript additions: $25
9 payment planDue the first day of each month, starting July 2020Installment Fee: $20 per installment
1-payment planDue June 30Full payment must be received by June 30, 2020 to receive a $100 discount per student.*
Invoice will be available on SmartTuition by June 10.
2-payment plan1st payment (50% tuition) due July 1
2nd payment (remainder) due Dec. 1

There will be a charge of $20 for changing payment plans after June 1.

Fees and enrichment course tuition are billed in full as soon as possible at beginning of the school year.


Discounts do not apply to fees or enrichment tuition.

Full-time family discount:

  • 2nd student: 10%
  • 3rd student: 20%
  • 4th student: 30%
  • 5th student (or more): 40%

For 3 or more students, largest discount is applied to lowest-priced tuition.

Part-time discounts:

  • Choir (Elementary or Classic) or PE are free to LOA students who take two academic courses.
  • Both Choir (Elementary or Classic) and PE are free to LOA students who take three or more academic classes.

Full Time Christian Ministry Discount
Families whose income is primarily supported by someone in full-time Christian ministry may be eligible for a discount for all of their students enrolled in the Academy. A letter from the board of the supporting Christian institution will be required. Families will be informed of decision following the completion of the Admissions Process.
Ministry Application 

Family Scholarship:
Financial need scholarships are also available on a limited basis. When applying, please be sure to include all information requested. Families will be informed of decision following the completion of the Admissions Process.
Deadline for 2020-21 Scholarship Applications: May 8th, 2020

Family Scholarship Application

See http://liveoakacademy.org/tuition/ for information and applications for Full Time Christian Ministry Discounts and Family Scholarships.