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LOA 2016 – 2017 Science Fair Winners


Cole Sheffer

Live Oak Academy’s 7th annual Science Fair was a success as student finalists from grades 5 – 12 competed to earn the title of Grand Prize Winner on Friday, March 31, 2017.  Over 100 science projects were displayed as a culmination of weeks of student work studying within the fields of Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Class projects were displayed for students in grades 2, 3 and 4.  Due to an error in tabulation, not all School of Grammar winners were announced the night of the Science Fair.  As a result, all winners are announced below for the School of Grammar, separated into two groups based on the room in which they were judged in.  Cole Sheffer, a 5th grade student, beat 40 other student finalists to win the title of Grand Prize Winner with his project, The Effect of Caffeinated Drinks on Plant Growth.

LOA Science Fair Winners:

School of Grammar
Group A
1st- Cole Sheffer
2nd – Jules Rodrigues
3rd – Samuel Lewis
4th – Cole Amacker
5th – Hannah Prince

Group B
1st – Kekeli Bruce
2nd – Ryan Kao
3rd – Fedor Chayka
4th – Cayden Tan
5th – Kenneth Mooney


School of Logic
1st – Julia Kehl
2nd – Lucas Owen
3rd – Ethen Choy
4th – Claire Jost
5th – Andrew Sayuk


School of Rhetoric
1st – Julia McMillin
2nd – Thomas Doylend
3rd – Hannah Ronca
4th – Savanna Brown
5th – Joel Ronca


Grand Prize Winner – Cole Sheffer

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