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Congratulation to Evan Kirkham on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout!


Picutre of Evan Kirkham

Congratulation to Evan Kirkham on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout! He completed and cleared all the requirements as of Thursday, March 9,2017. Evan began his scouting career as a Tiger in Cub Scout Pack 509 and crossed over to Boy Scouts as a Webelo 2 having earned his Arrow of Light. He continued his scouting journey after joining Boy Scout Troop 2 (then 501) where he has enjoyed learning practical and life skills along with fun adventures in camping. Evan shared onne of his favorite trips was backpacking and exploring Angel Island. Evan enjoyed the leadership positions of Patrol Leader and OA Representative to the Saklan Lodge for a number of terms. Becoming active in Order of the Arrow (OA) was an important growing point for Evan as he used the leadership skills learned at the troop level to serve and lead in OA. He is currently serving as the Chapter Chief of the Hattape Chapter. Through all of his scouting adventures and responsibilities Evan worked through the each of the ranks in Boy Scouts to stand on the threshold of becoming an Eagle Scout this evening at his Eagle Scout Board of Review.

Evan’s Eagle Scout service project was to build a Multi Purpose Patio at Christ Child Catholic Church so they no longer had to struggle with a temporary platform used annually. This permanent patio would allow for more outdoor space for safe walking and gathering for outdoor events on the uneven mountain grounds. The first project Evan researched and began planning for was canceled by the beneficiary and he had to go back to square one. He was on his way again when Christ Child Catholic Church came back to him with a new project they needed to have done. This project involved moving lots of dirt in order to level the ground by removing rocks, dirt and ground cover and then moving in sand to form an even surface. Once packed down, solid pavers were laid and leveled and sand was spread on top and tamped down in between the pavers to secure them and help make the patio safe. With the concern of the pavers being uneven and being trip hazards Evan decided the final test was to blindfold him so he could walk all the way across the patio without falling. He did this safely so he could declare the project done.

Evan involved friends and adults from the church along with Troop 2 Scouts and OA friends. They leveled the ground with a small tractor driven by one of the men from the church community and many Scouts were used to get the concrete pavers from the pallets across the property to be put in place. Evan found the best way to move the pavers was to create a “fire bucket brigade” lane and they passed the pavers one to another to be set. The Christ Child Catholic Church serves may family and folks in the Redwood Estates and the Santa Cruz Mountain communities.

Evan is currently a Junior in high school and looking forward to seeing where his final work in high school will point him. He is considering applying to the Naval Service Academy in Annapolis, Maryland as his grandfather served in the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. He is also considering attending a local junior college and transferring onto a 4 year school. In the meantime he plans to stay very active in OA as he seeks to lead through growth and changes there.

The rank of Eagle Scout is what most scouts aspire to achieve and very few do. Only 4% of scouts who begin the program achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. The climb to Eagle is long and difficult and there are many pitfalls and discouragements along the way. The dedicated scout works through it all to reach the final pinnacle. Please join me in congratulating Evan on his achievement of the rank of Eagle Scout.

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