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Admissions Introduction


Admission Introduction


Thank you for your interest in our Academy! If you are currently homeschooling or have a desire to homeschool your children with an excellent Christian and classical education, we welcome you to explore Live Oak Academy. We are here to help you!

Some of our trademarks:

  • A Christian and classical education – Please refer to our Home Page, our Philosophy and Confession of Faith, and attend an Information Night to expand your knowledge of this outstanding education.
  • Community of like-minded and loving families – Our families build upon their common bond through activities such as park days for younger children and debate club for older children. Our community of families defines the word “camaraderie.”
  • A multi-cultural, interdenominational Christian campus We strive to model Christian unity, where every individual experiences “one campus under God.”
  • Truth, goodness, and beauty – Our courses focus on what is true, good, and beautiful, whether in our four choirs, where students sing classical music from many genres, or Western Civ, where students read and discuss the Great Books of Western civilization under the guidance of biblical teaching, or science, where students of all ages learn to explore God’s creation through the scientific method of inquiry.
  • Small class sizes –  Low student-to-teacher ratios benefit learning and class discussion.
  • Dedicated and caring teachersOur staff of fifty teachers love the chosen subjects they teach, and students profit from the depth of knowledge and enthusiasm their teachers bring into the classroom.  (See Faculty page.)
  • Motivated and enthusiastic students Our students benefit from high academic standards, a warm and supportive teaching environment, and a positive peer group.
  • Excellent curriculum – Careful research and selection of curriculum, combined with in-house development of resources, has enabled us to offer excellent learning tools to students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. From the beginning, our curriculum lays a strong foundation for future success, notably Spell to Write and Read and Singapore Math, programs that suit the young classical student, grades K-6th. (See Spelling and Math levels on School of Grammar page.)

Our School of Logic (7th and 8th grade) students and School of Rhetoric (9th – 12th) students are introduced to:

  • College preparatory classes – Our School of Rhetoric classes are rigorous, yet nurturing. In addition to these regular high school courses, twelve AP® courses are offered which prepare our students well for the AP exam, as shown by students’ consistently high scores. Our students have an excellent track record for acceptance into highly-ranked colleges and universities. See Alumni page.
  • Latin An inflected language, Latin brings new life to students’ vocabulary, grammar, thinking skills, and more. Read our Why Learn Latin page.
  • Enrichment opportunities – Our students have a plethora of opportunities to develop their interests and academic skills outside of their regular classes. Performances include Choir Concerts and Night at the Academy, in which every student – individually and with grade level peers – has a part in presenting a poem, song, skit, or dramatization representing classroom learning. Competitions include Poetry Out Loud, Scripps Spelling Bee, and the Annual Science Fair, with entries presented for judging – just a beginning for scientists in the making.  See Student Life.
  • Emphasis on public speaking – Effective oral communication is a skill that empowers students throughout college, career and life; thus, it is intentionally practiced within our classrooms at every grade level. In addition, we offer a public speaking class and strongly support our students in participating in the Christian homeschool speech and debate leagues.
  • And much more!