Latin 1


The goal of Latin I is to equip students with a functional knowledge of the rudiments of Latin. No prior knowledge of the subject material is assumed. Students move through Latin for the New Millennium Level 1, studying and comprehending nouns and verb forms as they begin to fit them together into cohesive sentences. The course takes a systematic and highly structured approach to the mastery of Latin forms and grammar. As students consider the grammatical workings of Latin, they also begin to consider the principles of Latin syntax (as compared to English). Students are memorizing and drilling vocabulary and basic forms and paradigms on a daily basis in Latin I and II. Assignments will help them master Latin forms and syntax through translation (both from and into Latin). Frequent quizzes help lead to and assess mastery of key vocabulary, forms, and ability with syntax. Students work consistently on pronunciation and oral delivery of Latin forms and content.  The curriculum develops a rich sense of the historical and cultural contexts in which the Latin language and its uses flourished.