AP Chemistry


This yearlong advanced placement chemistry course is the equivalent to one full year of college level general chemistry. This AP® chemistry course will meet the standards of a good first year college chemistry course and it will prepare students for the AP chemistry exam in May. Students who pass the AP chemistry exam will most likely receive college credit.

To be successful in this very rigorous and fast paced course students must show good study habits, and organization skills. Furthermore, they have to be responsible and motivated to work very hard throughout the entire year. As emphasis is laid on chemical problem solving, strong math skills (completion or concurrent enrollment of Algebra II) will be required.

On a weekly basis this course will be taught in two 55 minutes lesson periods, in one 90 minutes laboratory period and in one 55 minutes problem-solving period.

The weekly homework load for this course will consist of 10-12 hours of individual study outside the classroom. Take-home homework packets may be assigned over breaks and holidays as necessary.