Primary Choir (Grades 1-2)


Length:  Yearly course (two semesters)
Days:  One day per week, either Mondays or Tuesdays
Time:  12:30 PM  – 1:00 PM
Cost:  Tuition for Choir OR PE is free for students taking two or more core classes

Grades:  Grades 1 – 2

Through their participation in choir, students will find delight in singing and making music in community, writing the good, true, and beautiful on their hearts. Goals for Primary Choir students include:

  • Learn beloved patriotic songs and practice making beautiful harmonies by singing rounds.
  • Enjoy rhythm and vocal exercises.
  • Become familiar with musical terms, and learn the basics of musical notation.
  • Discuss the groups of instruments in the orchestra and learn to recognize individual instruments.
  • Prepare students for the more varied and challenging music of Elementary Choir.


For LOA families interested, please email to add a class to your child’s schedule.

For NON-LOA families, please submit the Enrichment Class Application form, and we will contact you soon.