Elementary Choir (Grades 3-6)


Length:  Yearly course (two semesters)
Days:  One day per week, either Mondays or Tuesdays
Time:  2:05 PM  – 3:00 PM
Cost:  $350 yearly tuition; $35 materials fee (tuition for Choir OR PE is free for students taking two or more core classes)

Grades:  Grades 3 – 6

Elementary Choir is for all students in grades 3-6.

Through their participation in choir, students will find delight in singing and making music in community, writing the good, true, and beautiful on their hearts.

 Goals for Elementary Choir students include:

  • To advance an understanding of the rudiments of quality choral singing.
  • To facilitate students’ progress in vocal control, observance of musical markings, and the following of the motions of the director.
  • To fine-tune students’ ears in order to understand and duplicate musical subtleties such as vowel pronunciation, dynamics, phrasing, and expression.
  • To sing in unison, 2, and 3-part harmony with resonant vowels and with a unified sound.
  • To expose students to a variety of music within the choral tradition with a focus on the sacred.
  • Christmas and Spring Concerts for family and friends.

(There is also an Classic Choir for older students.)



For LOA families interested, please email  aabel@liveoakacademy.org to add a class to your child’s schedule.

For NON-LOA families, please submit the Enrichment Class Application form, and we will contact you soon.