Math Prima


The aim of Primary Mathematics within the Singapore Math curriculum is to allow students to develop their ability in mathematical problem solving. This includes using and applying mathematics in practical, real-life situations as well as within the discipline of mathematics itself. An important feature of learning mathematics within this curriculum is the use of a concrete introduction to the concept, followed by a pictorial representation, followed by the abstract symbols. Although each class covers many different concepts, only the core concepts required for mastery are listed here.

In Math Prima students will learn to tell stories about numbers based on pictures. They will play with concrete items (e.g. counters, stuffed animals, cereal, candy, linking cubes) to practice counting and sorting. Key concepts that will be learned include:

  • numbers to 100 (focus on 1 through 20)
  • number bonds
  • basic addition
  • basic subtraction
  • comparision (more or fewer)
  • calendar
  • time