History & Geography 2


The second grade History and Geography course presents the study of ancient history, from approximately 5,000 B.C. to 500 B.C. Through stories, art projects, and hands-on activities, the world of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt will be explored in a multi-sensory approach.  In conjunction with the study of ancient history, students will learn the countries and capitals of the Middle East and major land and water forms of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions. Second graders will also continue their American history studies with the book, Story of the Pilgrims. A second book, History Stories for Children, introduces students to famous people and events from America and around the world. Additionally, students learn (or review) the names and locations of the fifty United States. Finally, the second graders become familiar with and illustrate geographic forms, and learn to read simple maps, charts, and graphs through workbook activities.