General Science 3


Third graders at Live Oak Academy spend roughly one semester each studying Earth Science and Astronomy. Earth Science includes plate tectonics, landforms and erosion, rocks and minerals, the water cycle, weather, and the seasons. Astronomy includes the sun, the moon, the solar system, and outer space. The textbook will be used primarily at home for directed reading and activities. Websites are used extensively in the course, both for required home assignments and optional enrichment.

Class time will include lectures and simple note-taking, worksheets, discussions, activities, experiments, show-and-tell, and oral sharing of experiments and reports. Students have up to an hour of required home assignments on Fridays, though parents are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to expand the curriculum as they see fit. Home assignments should always be done with the help of a parent or other home teacher and include worksheets (using the textbook or websites), crossword puzzles, drawings, experiments, journals (brief daily logs of observations), short research reports, and tests.