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Live Oak Academy students are active and successful in a variety of academic and extracurricular areas. Many students participate in Speech and Debate clubs and competitions, and in 2013, Live Oak Academy participated for the first time in the Poetry Out Loud program as well.  Students may also participate in math clubs or competitions, spelling and geography bees (which we sometimes host for local homeschoolers), and various science programs. Latin students at Live Oak Academy take the National Latin Exam every year, and they are also eligible to join and participate in the Junior Classical League. Some of our students are accomplished musicians or athletes as well, indicative of another way that they make use of their time around homeschooling.

Note: If your LOA student participates or competes in some activity or program relevant to his or her course of study at Live Oak Academy, we’d love to know about it! Please email Holly Coty at hjcoty@gmail.com.